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Master Plan for Public Administration Town

LocationChungnam, Korea

TypeUrban Design

Total Area2,700,000㎡


TeamH Architecture


This master plan is for the area where government office buildings move in to the Public Administration Town. As an area where administration agencies of the central government are to move in, this region is the core district of Public Administration Town that has the concept of a loop typed city. Three mutual correlational concepts of ‘Flat City, Link City, Zero City’ are suggested in the city plan. ‘Flat City’ refers to Equality. Iconic Plane, that is, a place that shows physical and conceptual information of the aligned building roofs, symbolizes the natural thinking of democracy and harmony of the residents. ‘Link City’ refers to the group that connects the Public Administration Town. ‘Zero City’ means there are nothing to throw away. In this plan, architecture, urban, and landscape share their historical experience, and is made with integral and overall union.


WSSET World Best Design Award in Sustainable Energy Technologies 2008Grand Prize


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