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Urban Plan for Third Generation New Towns (Changneung, Goyang)

LocationGyeonggi, Goyang-si

TypeUrban Design

Site Area8,126,948㎡


TeamSpace Design Group ILLO, Supermass Studio


For its coexistence with adjacent towns, symbiosis with the nature and autogenous life for the next generation, Changneung New Town of Goyang City aims to network with the towns. The new design expresses to embrace universal possibilities of a new town with structures in the future where the nature can grow and its citizen make choices. The “blue-green” infrastructure, being the basic structure of the city connecting the fragmented nature and water systems, becomes sustainable and resilient foundation of urban organization and activities. Such values arising from the notion of coexistence, symbiosis and autogenous life of Changneung, Goyang are to proliferate from the biophilic CMD (Central Complex Zone) and ‘Beolmal’ Expansion Zone as the center, and will surely spread to the entire town in accordance with the first village project as a trigger.


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