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Sorae-C10 Block Ecometro the Tower

LocationIncheon, Korea


Total Area206,381㎡

Scale B5 / 51F




This building is a residential complex landmark tower that represents Sorae Nonhyeon district, and it is taken from the motive of the dynamic linear of waves and the lighthouse of sailboats. As a high-rise tower, it is planned considering the open view axis so that the building can become the city view’s strength. This project also created a city park that passes the district and an inner pedestrian axis that connects to Sorae Port District. Moreover, the flow of the district, which gives an imagery of the wave linear following the pedestrian axis, acts as a dynamic space. The residential and commercial areas are clearly divided, vitalizing the district and securing the stability of residence, and expressing each facility’s intrinsic quality. The clear view of the sea for every household is the biggest strength of this project. The scene lighting that symbolizes the lighthouse at the top of the tower puts emphasis on the tower at night time making its image as a new town at shoreline stand out.


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