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Master Plan for Seongbuk, Seokgye New Economic Cultural Strategic Position Development

LocationSeoul, Korea

TypeUrban Design

Site Area1,913,000㎡



The goal for this project is to make an eco-friendly living space base such as venture centric selt-sustainable jobs and green network etc., through a comprehensive repairing of surrounding areas in Seongbuk and Seokgye Station and also repairing the region’s infrastructure that supports it. As a leading business, a venture town is set up by an integrated development of residential, office, commercial complexes of Seongbuk Station and Korail distribution base, and by securing the land for public use. A ruptured East-West connection caused by a ground railway is strengthened by securing a large scale green channel, allowing the merge of bicycle, pedestrian network and open space. For the old residential area in the region, a systematic development is achieved through comprehensive development and repairing guideline.


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