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Master Plan for Songdo Tourist District

LocationIncheon, Korea

TypeUrban Design

Site Area1,090,343㎡


TeamGunwha C&E


Songdo Tourist District is not a theme park of withering and falling ‘Wall World’, but it is a UEP (Urban Entertainment Park) where convenience and joy, and environment and culture of daily life coexists. Its business is preceded by suggesting a large site but with monotonous facility and a charming place but with variety, then a place with four seasonal service of urban leisure activities, and lastly, a ‘Canal: Beads City’ of small jewels. The whole site is divided into 6 districts of Sports City, Family City, Festival City etc., and each of these district brings Kid’s café, Environment Experience Center, Boutique hotel, Concert hall, Water Park, etc. with its own characteristics, and also suggests a futuristic urban leisure facility as a whole by planning canals that embrace these facilities.


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