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Design Ideas Competition for Gwanghwamun Plaza

LocationSeoul, Korea

TypeUrban Design

Site Area94,000㎡



The Gwanghwamun Street not only represents the National Symbol History of the 500 years of Joseon history, but the meaning of cityscape, proliferation of walkways, and cultural citizen of Seoul is also important. This plaza is designed with the idea of ‘Land of Memory’, forming a space with the circulation of the past, the present, and the future. The first stage of the small plaza serves as ‘Field of Memory’, which combines the past and the present, including the traditional space from the past, the participation of citizens from the present, distribution, and Nursery. The second stage serves as ‘Field of Evolution’, which progresses until the year 2022 and will be the first stable stage with 90% completion of the plaza. The third stage is ‘Field of Recycle’, which reenacts the continuity and circulation of sustainable realization of the future.


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