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Yongsan International Business District Urban Development

LocationSeoul, Korea

TypeUrban Design

Total Area3,155,787㎡

Scale B9 / 100F


TeamSamoo A&E, Siaplan


‘Archipelago 21’ is taken as a key concept for this project, which its plan is to create amenities and tourist attractions for Seoul by forming Han River waterfront boundaries. ‘Archipelago’ is a unique approach method for designing a large city with high density, and the spaces that are given the same character of the city’s grid, landscape, mass plan, street etc., all have its own features. ‘Retail Valley’ is composed of six ‘Archipelagos’ and each ‘Archipelago’ is classified into a ‘Retail Valley’ that is compared to the waterway of a valley. The mass plan of ‘Archipelago 21’ is inspired by the golden crown of Shilla period, a time when Korea’s finest handcraft skills were at its peak, and this plan is expected to become Korea’s new treasure that will symbolize Seoul.


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