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[Participated] Daegu Leading Library

LocationDaegu, Korea


Total Area15,038.76㎡

Scale B1 / 4F



The site of the Daegu Representative Library has been used as a U.S. military site for 60 years and was also isolated from the city. The city plans to create a park on this site, and establish a library to be part of the park. The concept of “A Living Room in a Forest of Daemyung-dong (name of the district)” implies two primary design goals: focusing on how to regenerate the city and apply fundamental roles of the public library. The library and the park are created like a forest to reduce heat in micro climate, while providing a pleasant environment for the neighborhood. It is not only a simple functioned library, but performs as a living room in the city that can be easily accessed by people. Furthermore, the main design strategy is using a curve line to give people a warm image that contrasts with the straight fence that has been standing for 60 years.


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