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[Winner] Noryangjin District 1, Residential Redevelopment Project in Noryangjin Redevelopment Promotion Area

Competition Mar. 17. 2015

Noryangjin District 1 is a large scale site that holds about 2,800 households located at the center of Noryangjin Redevelopment Promotion Area. It is a premium district with the Han River view where Noryangjin Station and Jangseungbaegi Station are located around the area and it is an important traffic center connecting the Olympic Highway and Expressway. The site is formed into five blocks including three apartment building blocks and two Jangseungbaegi roadside residential complex blocks. Centering the cross shaped Neighborhood Park, the site secures open spaces and wind ways and seeks to create an urban natural eco-friendly district. It also plans to make this area as the country’s primary landmark district by using HAEAHN’s significant design of planning and connecting the site with surrounding Yeouido Trump World and Ichon-dong Rex Apartment. 

Use: Apartment

Location: Seoul, Korea
Site Area: 131,184㎡
Total Area: 382,998㎡
Scale: B2, 30F

Designs: 2014​


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