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2014 Green Building Competition of Korea ‘Seoul Memorial Park’

Awards Oct. 29. 2015 Seoul Memorial Park[Photo_ Yeongchae ...

‘Seoul Memorial Park’ was received a prize for grand in the Completed Building category of the 2015 Korea Green Architecture Awards.

‘Korea Green Architecture Awards' began to carry various policies at a time when Green Building was urgently needed to be realized, and it became an architectural and cultural event that provides an opportunity to appreciate the outcomes of Green Building in our daily lives. Green Building exemplary cases are found and selected to promote early creations of Green Building and related research development, and the winning work is acknowledged for representing Korea as a country that cares for the environment and the people.

The grand prize went to ‘Sinjeong Urban Village Residence’, first prize to ‘Seoul Memorial Park’, ‘Tesco Asia Academy’, ‘Onyang-dong 6 Community Center’, and second prize to ‘The Federation of Korean Industries Building’, ‘Korea East West Power Co. Main Office Building’, ‘AutoWay Tower’, ‘Daewoo Royal Prime’, ‘Yeongwol Natural Gas Power Plant Life Support Center’, and ‘Korea Appraisal Board Building’.


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