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[Winner] Jeonju District Court Government Office Building

Competition Mar. 17. 2015

A new concept that Jeonju District Court claims to support is ‘A House of Justice and Equality that stands at a high and widely open space’. Four concepts are applied in this project. First is to actively expressing the ideology that the court pursues, which are freedom, equality, and justice. Second is providing the image of a government office building that is open to the public. Third is communicating with surrounding cultural court that holds its dignity to realize a government office court that holds the sense of place of the traditional cultural city Jeonju. And lastly, creating an open court, a safe court that has optimized zoning according to each access system and ability, and a court that can carry Korea’s traditional beauty and wisdom. 

Use: Public Office Facilities(Court)

Location: Jeonbuk, Korea
Site Area: 32,982㎡
Total Area: 38,491.44㎡
Scale: B1, 11F

Design: 2014


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