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Centumcity Shinsegae UEC

LocationBusan, Korea


Total Area293,907㎡

Scale B5 / 14F




Centum-city Shinsegye UEC, located in Centum-city Busan adjacent to the sea, is a mixed-use shopping mall with various facilities such as department store, spa, ice-rink, multiplex, and sports facilities. An atrium facility is arranged in the direction of the park and pool, from considering the internal and external axis through the master plan of three combined development sites, to spatially and visually provide an eco-friendly open space. The exterior outer wall is designed in a wave-like style to portray the image of Haeundae Sea while emphasizing the luxurious image through high-brightness and low-chroma color palettes. Also, a touch of exclusiveness is added by using ‘Oro Venetiano’ stone, and a sense of unity and grandness is achieved through dynamic massing. A rich open space and colorful landscape plan is provided through a square connecting the whole of UEC complex and the display of night lights under a theme called “Play of lights” is used to symbolize the building as a landmark and as the largest mixed-use shopping mall in Asia.


ICSC Asia Shopping Centre Awards International Design and Development Excellence 2010Silver Award

Busan international Architectural Citizen Award 2010Excellence Award

Busan international Architectural Citizen Award 2009Excellence Award

Busan Architectural Awards 2009Honor Award

Certified as the Largest Department Store the World by GWR (Guinness World Records) 2009Certified as Environmental Sustainable Building


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