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Anseong Educational & Cultural Complex

LocationGyeonggi, Korea


Total Area14,940㎡

Scale B1 / 4F


TeamMokyang A&E


The stillness of Anseong is kept in a rich tradition of cultural art and beautiful nature environment, but we should agonize how to respond to physical changes of living foundation along with the growth of the city. The design approach departs from establishing the identity across a diachronic, synchronic point of view. Also, we think about the publicness of Educational & Cultural Complex. The land which is lower than the road is used as a parking lot and outdoor space. And the artificial land is installed on a road surface, so it is naturally connected to the building. The building is constructed of overlapping rounded mass. The horizontal louvers are installed densely, control the whole process, and consider the whole building to be one. The waterfront view is available in public spaces of building across a dike. It is a space for citizen's daily life not for a space of alienation, severance and ostentation.


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