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Daejeon Baseball Dream Park

LocationDaejeon, Jung-gu


Total Area51,398.98㎡

Scale B2 / 4F


TeamPMP Architecture, Tomoon A&E


As a ball park that shares the history of Daejeon citizens, the newly constructed Daejeon Baseball Dream Park aims to revitialize the old city center and establish a new and differentiated sports complex. First, since the new ball park in Daejeon City “Win Ground” is the only pro-baseball arena in the middle region in Korea, Haeahn Architecture implemented a new landmark in the old city center by presenting a mass design symbolizing the dynamic image of Daejeon and the soaring spirit of its baseball team. Second, by creating the entire Hanbat Sports Complex into a pedestrian-oriented cultural space devoid of vehicle traffic, Haeahn Architecture planned the park to provide Daejeon citizens with an open park, daily sports, performing arts, commerce, experiential programs and more. Third, Reflecting the latest trend, Haeahn Architecture planned an archive hall related to the open-type main hall, adding the point of differentiation.


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