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NH Intergration IT Center

LocationSeoul, Korea


Total Area92,161㎡

Scale B3 / 20F



As a gate of Seoul containing value of NH, NH Integration IT Center was intended to symbolize a plate containing valuable data and secures awareness by arranging a tower at the front of its site area located at the gate into Seoul from Gwacheon. By placing the data center separately from a road at most, it is planned to be safe from exterior obstacle factors such as vehicle vibration, etc. and possible for continuous maintenance with systemic dualization. Each facility completely divides vertically and horizontally into zones and secures independence by functions through a separate main entrance that can easily find ways in such a large entrance square. It also improves convenience for use by intensively arranging welfare facilities at lower floors where can be entered directly from inside of each facility. It symbolizes a development center as a vertical landmark leading future and a data center as safety of a horizontal landmark.


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