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[Participated] National Institute of Nakdong River Biological Resources

LocationGyeongbuk, Korea


Total Area22,339㎡

Scale B1 / 3F



Flow is the root of life. The flow of Nakdong River carries the energy of life and wraps the whole site to give life to the space of experience. This project is designed by taking Nakdong River as its motive and each of the spaces provide programs where people can experience life. The flow is more symbolically emphasized for the outdoor spaces, and the lives that are in the spaces of experience are revitalized in an eco-friendly way through various intermediate spaces and maintain a balanced form just like the ecosystem. The building blends in with the site as if it is part of the flow of Nakdong River, not being able to differentiate between the indoors and outdoors and appreciate and use the Biological Institution. In the context of National Biological Resource Management System, the National Institute of Nakdong River Biological Resources hopes to provide a new model in an eco-friendly aspect.


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