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The National Pension Service Global Fund Hall

LocationJeonbuk, Jeonju-si


Total Area20,389.68㎡

Scale B1 / 9F




The National Pension Service Global Fund Hall is the very first step for Jeonju to be an international hub of finance. The master plan of the National Pension Service by creating an external space that integrates the three buildings, along with the headquarter of the National Pension Service relocated in 2015, the headquarter of Fund Management completed in 2017 and the global funding center completed in 2021. It mainly consists of the upper level that reflects the slogan of NPS - “Assure the Nation, Strengthen the Fund”- with its design to evoke trust and the lower level with supporting facilities emblemizing the vision of ’Harmonious Smile’. For the upper-level office spaces ecofriendly façade system is applied, providing workers with optimized workspaces. The lower level traditionally designed supporting facilities are
symbolic and deployable, filled with meeting rooms of various sizes. Through the atrium placed in the center of the building, the upper and lower floors are intermixed intricately in three dimensions and all employees can share and communicate their visions in the "Open Creative Space" prepared on each floor.


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