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Paju Unjeong3 A45BL Housing

LocationGyeonggi, Paju


Total Area89,505.72㎡

Scale B1 / 28F


TeamGil Architects and Engineers


Located between Gyoha and Paju Unjeong District 1 and 2, Paju Unjeong District 3 A45BL is a site adjacent to the GTX station. We at Haeahn Architecture proposed the concept of a city offering balanced work and life and future value accompanied by a fitting residential environment, where residents can enjoy living, working and enjoying leisure and relaxation. To implement the concept, we added a community space, indoors and outdoors, called “Rainbow Network,” with an idea to make the complex as a daily space open for people of diverse age groups to share and communicate. By creating resort-type residential buildings along the pedestrian street and a daily park with a flea market, Haeahn Architecture aimed to activate the landscape and the streets. The installment of offices for all, equipped with open digital SOC, near the main entrance/exit was designed to connect the urban node and the region to amplify communication.


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