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Songdo Global Park Vertium 2

LocationIncheon, Korea


Total Area168,480.75㎡

Scale B1 / 33F




The site is located in the center of a residential district in Songdo 6·8 area. In order to make harmony with the adjacent site that is dominated by high-rise apartments, we have planned over 30-stories residential complexes along a 28-meter frontal road located on the north-west to maintain a horizontal scenery. For the main buildings on the south-east area, we formed a south-low, north-high skyline for the view from the elementary school. In the center of the complex, surrounded by the main towers, a large open space with various themes, such as a sunken garden that is connected to the underground facilities, a resting area and a grass square is planned so that it could be linked to the cultural park in the North. Likewise, we have placed low-rise flat-type apartments near an elementary school in the southern zone to improve the openness and have a natural skyline. These buildings are made to be a landmark that can be seen from every tower within the complex with its rooftop decoration featuring seagulls flying toward the sea.


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