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Webtoon Fusion Center & Bucheon Video Youth Artist Housing

LocationGyeonggi, Korea


Total Area53,117.43㎡

Scale B3 / 26F


TeamPROTO Architects & Consultants


The goal of design is to make a composition of creative space that encourages webtoon & film creators, young artist, and cultural consumers to continuously produce their own unique cultural assets by stimulating each other. Multi-directional open space of master plan enables the places to be naturally recognized. Based on the idea of ‘city in the city’, the streets on ground is vitalized like a market street where integrates productions, exhibitions and sales in and out of each building programs. The cultural market street is connecting to a perimeter pedestrian network, then sprawls all over the city. This complex is composed of working studio, artist housing and exhibition which are efficiently separated not only in horizontal but in vertical hierarchy of privacy as well. Many number of workspaces of decks and courtyards is located in several places on lower levels where artist are gathering for better synergies of creative productions.


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