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[Winner] Namyangju Wangsuk S-20BL (Long-term Lease 2 million-unit Commemorate)

Competition Jan. 19. 2023

A good city designed for citizens’ healthy and prosperous life must be fully equipped with social infrastructures and services available in the daily life zone. To implement this goal, Haeahn Architecture proposed social infrastructure to promote active living in the city. The company converged public lease apartments with social infrastructures in every area to create a conventional welfare space where anyone can enjoy themselves, thereby improving urbanites’ social exchanges and improving the quality of life for all. In consideration of the surrounding urban environment and social changes, Haeahn Architecture also proposed to make the project an urban cultural center by adding additional infrastructures near the neighborhood park, educational spaces nearby schools, care services for the vulnerable and disadvantaged and senior citizens, and cultural facilities connected to young adults living in single-person households.

Location: S-20BL in Namyangju Wangsuk Housing District around Jingeon-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Use: Apartment

Site Area: 42,194.00㎡

Total Area: 143,799.25㎡

Scale: 29F / B2

Project Team: Pilgi Heo, Dongyoung Kim, Kyojin Kim, Kwanseok Lee, Hyungwoo Roh, Kwangjin Kim, Yuna Kim, Haesoo Yang, Hyejeong Han, Seogjong Hong, Hyungwoo Roh, Daun Gu, Dajeong Yoo, Dongwon Lee, Jimin Yuk, Jeongwhan Kim, Jaewon Kim, Dongwook Kang, Bitna Lee, Yoohyun Lee, Kitae Kim, Byoungwoo Min, Hyunkyung Lee, Sojeong Bae, Hyunjeong Kim, Jiin Kim, Sooyeon Lim, Yujin Kim, Hyein Chung, Suhyeon Choe, Taeyoung Ha, Jonggwang Kim, Yeongpil Bak, Dongjun Park, Yuna Han


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