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[Participated] Paju Unjeong3 A-23BL Housing Competition

Competition May. 27. 2020

Paju Unjeong 3 A-23BL is located in the center of Unjeong 3 District, located between Gyoha district and Unjeong 1,2. district. It is located at the node point where the cultural street axis intersects with the neighborhood green axis. It’s also adjacent to complex sites, a public library, and cultural parks. The A23BL is a "cultural hub space" of the city. It is a meeting place to share various cultures and leisure and enjoy a pleasant natural environment with local residents. We proposed a residential space where people can play well and rest well for modern people whose leisure and relaxation have become their daily routine.

Use : apartment 

Location : Gyeonggi, Korea

Site Area : 53,554.00㎡

Total Area : 142,909.75㎡

​Scale : 12~28F, B1

Design : 2020

Project Team : Jaewoo Park, Pilgi Heo, Byoungwoo Min, Yuna Kim, Jeongwhan kim, Yunyoung Ma, Hyunjeong Kim, Yesun Kim, Kwanseok Lee, Haesoo Yang, Hyejeong Han, Sooyeon Lim, Yongwon Kim, Yeongpil Bak


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