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[Winner] Goyang Samsong R-3BL Residential

Competition May. 11. 2020

Goyang Samsong LaFiano is single houses in R-3block at Goyang-si that combine benefits of living in an apartment and a house. It focuses on nature-friendly lifestyle as a "Biophilic design." Original LaFiano concept is “Lagom Lifestyle- a small happiness from ordinary life”, but “Lagom 2.0” added the concept of “LaFilet” which demonstrates flows of scenic routes which binds natural elements of the site to courtyard, terraces, and rooftop in the house. It helps resident to feel the seasons and climate changes inside the unit, so as to amplify the leisure, comfort and life value enjoyed in everyday life.

Use : Residential

Location : Gyeonggi, Korea
Site Area : 92,557㎡
Total Area : 102,743.54㎡
​Scale : 3F
Design : 2020

Project Team : JooYoung Park, Soohyun Lee, Junho Ahn, Susung Seo, Hyunkyung Cho, Dabin Jung, Yeon Park, Sujin Choi, Jangho Park, Hyemi Lee, Hyelim Jeong, Sunyoung Choi, Wonik Choi, Yeri Lee, Youngseo Yoon, Haengsook Lee, Seongkyeom Kim, Seungjun Lee, Yeongpil Bak, Jaemin Oh, Naeun Kim


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