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[Winner] Jeonju Athletic Stadium and Baseball Park

Competition Apr. 21. 2020

Jeonju's new athletic stadium and baseball park, ‘Dream Forest’, was designed with three main goals, inspired by the vision of Jeonju, 10 million garden city. First, aiming at the lively sports community space, plan all traffic entrance to both ends of the entire land, ensuring maximum pedestrian safety, and provide comfortable entry space through continuous squares. In addition, it planned the entire complex to be activated by securing various east-west pedestrian axes. Second, it created a new urban landscape that symbolized the image of 10 million garden city and the natural linearity of traditional culture. Third, we plan closely watched stadium between audience and players to create a dynamic viewing environment.

Use : Stadium
Location : Jeollabuk, Korea
Site Area : 122,958㎡
Total Area : 18,044.7㎡
​Scale : 3F, B1
Design : 2020

Project Team : Minjin Park, Minkyu Kim, Junhyung Kim, Jaemyoung Lee, Sungryul Lee, Jihyuk Im, Donghoon Choi, Hyunseung Kang, Hyowon Lee, Moon Park, Jaehoon Lim, Sangkook Lee, Sangmin Lee, Jeehoon Lee, Yongjae Choi, Sujung Han​


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