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[Winner] Gyeonggi Representative Library

Competition Mar. 02. 2020

Gyeonggi Representative Library, which is the last public institute in Gyeonggi Convergence Town, harmoniously completes the master plan. The main facilities of history, the future, and the public library are connected by spiral slabs to create a continuous space with no obstruction between floors. The spiral leads the exterior skins with green and walking flows surrounding the library to the rooftop sky library. The library is a noble building that holds the tangible and intangible value of Gyeonggi-do, and plays a pivotal role in determining the policies of 266 public libraries. It will be a comfortable place for 13 million inhabitants.

Use : Library, Office, Retail

Location : Gyeonggi​, Korea

Site Area : 6,824㎡

Total Area : 30,990.39㎡

​Scale : 5F, B4

Design : 2019

Project Team : Namil Byun, Ohtak Kwon, Yonggi Kim, Junwoo Lee, Taewang Kwon, Hyungi Jung,  Kyungyeol Kim, Isaac Gray, Nayeon Kim, Haengsook Lee, Seongkyeom Kim, Seungjun Lee, Yeongpil Bak, Jaemin Oh, Naeun Kim, Donghee Cho, Seongwon Song, Sun-a Kim, Jungmin Kim, Taeho Noh, Woohyun Ko, Yunha Hwang, Sujung Han


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