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[Winner] Namyang New Town B11BL Private Participation Public Housing Construction

Competition Feb. 13. 2020

Namyang New Town B11BL, located in the northwest of Hwaseong City Hall, implements LH's first zero-energy (ZEB) grade 5 and is based on the theme of “All New Standard, in Namyang”. It was planned as a living space with a wide variety of life spanning a wide range of types and classes. We have proposed customized spaces for the residents' NEEDS ranging from complex planning to unit households to supplementary facilities, and organized as a space where residents can live comfortably and safely through organic connection with the surrounding natural environment.

Use : Residential

Location : Gyeonggi, Korea
Site Area : 37,760.70
Total Area : 90,777.63
​Scale : 18F, B1
Design : 2019
Project Team : Hyeonseok Oh, Minseok Kim, Chanjoo Lee, Bumho Lim, Deukhwa Jung, Suryu Um, Junghyeok Lee, Chan Kim, Chansur Park, Wonsang Oh


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