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[Winner] Chungbuk Cheongju Exhibition Center

Competition Oct. 24. 2019

Cheongju Exhibition Center, located in the center of national transportation and center of the biohealth science technopolis, is the place of public relations for the biomedical and cosmetics industry, a new growth engine project in the country, and the starting point of the global MICE complex. Our goal is to create a business exhibition platform that represents Chungbuk as a public facility which symbols the industry and nature of Chungbuk, and contributes to national industry and regional development. To become the center of Korea's MICE industry truly, the design was based on the understanding of the project, the interpretation of the land, and the analysis of the program.

Use : Cultural & Assembly Facility
Location : Chungbuk, Korea
Site Area : 94,799㎡
Total Area : 41,085.38㎡
​Scale : 3F, B1
Design : 2019
Collaborator : RAON Architecture

Project Team : Hyeonseok Oh, Giryoung Jung, Minkang Shin, Bongju Moon, Sanghyun Chung, Jongil Park, Miryeong Park, Eunkyung Jeon, Seungjae Yoo, Sinyoung Kim, Chan Kim, Chansur Park, Choongmo Son, Kibeom Heo, Sujin Choi, Jungyeun Kim, Jungmin Kim, Sangkook Lee, Donghee Cho, Sujung Han


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