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[Winner] Goyang Deokeun District A3 Block Apartment

Competition Oct. 16. 2019

Goyang Deokeun District A3 Block Apartment is located at the center of urban living space and natural scenery. It express complex to be with nature and to be everyday rest that combines pleasant residential space for flexible life, premium design to increase pride, unique and elegant community facility. The elevation plan was designed to show the characteristics of the complex where the city and nature intersect. It embodies new landmarks. we have created a unique and elegant community environment through community plan linked to the central sunken.

Use : Apartment
Location : Gyeonggi​, Korea
Site Area : 32,564.00㎡
Total Area : 95,012.54㎡
​Scale : 22F, B2
Design : 2019
Project Team : Chanjae Oh, Jeongil Lee, Kyuseong Cho, Wooil Jeong, Sangdo Lee, Moonjeong Shin, Dongmoon Kim, Sanghyun Kim, Yongho Shin, Hyungdon Cho, Sunyoung Choi, Wonik Choi 


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