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[Participated] Kimhae International Airport Expansion Competition

Competition Aug. 26. 2019

The existing Gimhae International Airport is faced with a lack of capacity handling more than 10 million passengers a year. We proposed Big AIRPORT as an architectural notion that creates greater value and synergy with small expansion of facilities. The key idea is to enhance the airports service via making a simple and clear passengers access to a terminal and maximizing the passenger amenity facilities. The saw-tooth roof design is identified as environmental features through admitting natural daylight, ventilation and photovoltaic panels and also becomes a new symbol in harmony with the existing airport. 

Use : Airport

Location : Busan, Korea 
Site Area : 723,255.00㎡​
​Total Area : 18,748.19㎡
​Scale : 2F
Design : 2019
Project Team : Younghak Kim, Kyusik Shin, Jangbuhm Park, Seungbeom Shin, Seongho An, Jinkyoung Kwon, Jongbin Lee, Sujin Lee, Juyoung Jang, Hyeonjin Kim, Woohyun Ko, Jinkyung Kang, Mikyoung Seo, Donghee Cho, Soomin Kim, Seungyoung Nam, Yongjae Choi, Sujung Han


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