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[Winner] The Logistics center in Wonchang-dong Seo-gu, Incheon

Competition Sep. 17. 2019

The Logistics center in Wonchang-dong Seo-gu, Incheon is based on the comprehension of regional opportunities and market demands. The project is applied with following features: carefully planned circulation system, maximized rental floor area and amenities on the rooftop; placement of  MEP on the rooftop for flexibility and reduction of underground depth to lower construction cost; application of pixelated image of cloud on the façade with economical material.

Use : Storage Facility

Location : Incheon, Korea

Site Area : 99,499.80

Total Area : 521,416.49

​Scale : 15F

Design : 2019
Project Team : Sangsun Joo, Giryoung Jung, Moonsun Yi, Heunggi Min, Inyong Han, Myungjoo Lee, Kyoungwon Kim, Dabin Jung, Dayoung Lee, Hyunjei Lee, Seongkyeom Kim, Choongmo Son, Kibeom Heo , Sujin Choi,​ Mikyoung Seo, Woohyun Ko, Jongeun Park, Jongshin Ahn


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