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National Information Society Agency in Daegu

LocationDaegu, Korea


Total Area18,583,67㎡

Scale B1 / 11F




The design of National Information Society Agency new office building in Daegu started as a result of the relocation of public institutions, and it is built with the goal of forming an advanced intelligent building reflecting on the adventurous and future-oriented vision of Global IT central institution. Daegu new office building is designed using the concept of Smart Wave not only to have organic harmony with the Innovation City, but also to have eco-friendly artistic value. The building design is completed by taking information and communications as a motive and reflecting on the image of the flow of surrounding nature. Also, Green Office and Smart Façade concept is applied to the floor plan and elevation plan. In order to increase community activities in the facility, multi-green decks and various community spaces are suggested in the design. In the arrangement and floor plan, public and private areas are divided according to the program characteristics, and the view and green space are connected so that the interior and exterior of each area are linked together.


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