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Geoje Okpo Hotel & Family Hotel

LocationGyeongnam, Korea


Total Area41,893㎡

Scale B1 / 14F



Okpo Hotel & Family Hotel, a Five Star Hotel for the VIPs and a Family Hotel for long staying visitors, are located at the vicinity of a shipyard. A skyline that harmoniously arranges the tower type mass and plate type mass is planned considering the aesthetics of the shoreline. The Family Hotel adjacent to the main street is planned to have a low skyline considering the continuous flow of residence in the city. The Five Star Hotel at the inner site is adjacent to the sea, and it is vertically planned to possess a symbolism from Okpo harbor to Geoje Island and to also have aesthetic value. All hotel rooms are planned to have a view of the shipyard as well as the sea. By outdoors planning of the concept ‘Sailing Travel’, which is to form a sustainable resort type hotel that goes along with the graceful nature and appreciation of life, it provides a special experience of the open view of the sea and outside terrace following the walking trail.


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