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Busan Haeundae Resort

LocationBusan, Korea


Total Area534,592㎡

Scale B5 / 103F



This project is a pro-maritime tourist resort in Haeundae, Busan, where tourism is possible all year round. The site is located at the city of Busan, at a point where it acts as a bridge that connects Centum City and East Busan Tourism Complex, and is planned as a resort complex that includes recreation, shopping, and cultural facilities. It also acts as the starting and ending point of the seashore landscape that continues from Dongbaekseom Island and Mipo Harbor, eventually the coastal waters of Haeundae is drawn into this site to establish a Blue Network that forms a new natural scenery in the city. The motive of this project’s design is taken from a natural topographic canyon. The natural flow of the canyon, river, and treasure that lies in the canyon is the design keyword for this project. It is formed as a Resort Complex Town which is a place where city and nature, mountain and sea, daily life and relaxation come together.


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