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Seoul Digital Valley Redevelopment

LocationSeoul, Korea


Total Area110,385㎡

Scale B5 / 29F



This is a PF business which aims to enhance the competitiveness of Seoul Digital Industrial Complex and increase the lives of residents of the region. The design keyword ‘NEUPLEX’ is a compound word for NEURON, which delivers the sense of achieving a new cultural complex that fits with the period of communication and sensibility, and COMPLEX, which puts spatial diversity as its foundation. It is designed to play the role of guidance in Guro Digital Complex and as a mass that holds intimate sensibility, but minimizing visual interference of surroundings. It is also designed to provide a space of communication and energy among local residents by placing a large square connected to the existing KICOX building. Moreover, a green space is created that continuously follows the building, and a naturally connecting lamp-type circulation system is placed to design a cultural complex that plays the role of both visual and spatial icon.


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