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[Participated] Dongjak Mixed-Use Public Administration Complex

LocationSeoul, Korea


Total Area49,224.7㎡

Scale B2 / 14F



A brand new public space, Dongjak Market: The new government office should be a public and iconic center of vibrant city rather than a mere office, which encompasses diversified public factors like culture, market, street, square, alleyway, community and so on. To achieve this, plazas should act as streets and streets act as markets, thereby aiming to form a new public urban space as a symbol of borderless government office embracing the local societies. The Accumulation of Memory - Redefining the Symbiosis: The new office building, to be built on the site of Yeongdo Park, is not aiming at annihilating old memories, but at adding new memories all over the area. This will be an initiation for a new office building to reconcile with local societies. Diversity inside Unity: The new building should efficiently fulfill a role as a democratic administration by accommodating various urban properties, thereby symbolizing unity as well as diversity.


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