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[Winner] Jinju Jeongchon Social Housing

Competition Mar. 17. 2015

The main consumer, industrial complex workers, will live a busy life in Jinju Jeongchon Industrial complex and tenants will last a life that lacks a sense of ownership and belonging. We consider these two troubles and proposed ‘The time we live 25H’ through the pride of tenants that people want to live with the value of life not the place for stopover. The landscape plan makes neighbors to communicate friendly to each other and makes specialized community that people can have time to enjoy with jobhousing proximity. Also it makes small and uniform space of apartments to an efficient living space and makes the complex that people want to remember, boast and live.   

Use: Residential
Location: Gyeongnam, Korea
Site Area: 36,049.59㎡
Total Area: 70,456.89㎡
Scale: B1, 20F​

Design: 2015


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