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[Winner] Let’s Run Park Seoul, Theme Park

Competition Apr. 07. 2015


The theme park that is to be created inside the Let’s Run Park Seoul Horse Racing Track is carried out with a concept of ‘Dioramic Island’, with the purpose of actualizing a dioramic landscape from an epic landscape. Diorama refers to making a scene by installing a model on the background, and the theme park is proposed to be made as a new theme park that expresses the change of Mounds & Sunkens and make a third space that is in between imagination and reality. The theme park will become a place where there are events and festivals with special pavilions and sensational programs and with themed landscapes full of imagination all year round. It will also be created as a family park full of experiences related to horses for the children and full of enjoyable activities for the whole family.


Use: Cultural & Assembly Facilities, Theme Park
​Location: Gyeonggi, Korea
Site Area: 137,000 ㎡
Total Area: 4,611.55㎡
Scale: 1F

Design: 2015



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