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[Winner] Jeungsan 4 District Redevelopment

Competition Mar. 17. 2015


Jeungsan 4 District is located at the center of Jeungsan Redevelopment Promotion District as the largest site that can hold 2,840 households with Jeungsan Station and Digital Media City Station as its surroundings. It is an eco-friendly area that has Bulgwangcheon Stream flowing against Susaek Mountain. A scenery axis and wind path is secured by the green axis that passes into the center of Susaek Mountain Park, making the park into a nature friendly urban park. In addition, the district is planned to build a community center, deck-formed parking lot, and terrace housing by using level difference to minimize the earth work during construction and to form a natural skyline. It is also planned as an eco-friendly residential district where nature and residence coexist to create the best landmark district.   

Use: Apartment and Community Service Center
Location: Seoul, Korea
Site Area: 117,895㎡
Total Area: 407,827㎡
Scale: B2, 28F

Design: 2014​


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