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[The Guinness World Records] The Roof Garden of Government Complex Sejong

Awards Oct. 27. 2016

Government Complex Sejong has been listed in the Guinness World Records as ‘The World’s Largest Roof Garden’, which is HAEAHN Architecture’s work for designing Phase 1-1 and Phase 2-2, and also a winning work from the competition for “Master Plan for Public Administration Town”. 

Sung-lyul Kim, Vice-Minister of Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Choongjae Lee, Administrator of National Agency for Administrative City Construction, Sehan Yoon, CEO of HAEAHN Architecture and designer of Government Complex Sejong, and other specialists who have participated in the construction attended the monument unveiling event.

Government Complex Sejong covers an area of 11 football fields and was constructed in three stages, beginning in December, 2008 and completed in December, 2014. The World’s Largest Roof Garden has a length of 3.6km and an area of 79,194m2, which is on 15 buildings that are built in the 550,000 site, connected with bridges.

The Roof Garden was confirmed as a National Record on February 29th, and registered as ‘The World’s Largest Roof Garden’ by the British Guinness World Records on May 25th.

After receiving its new symbolism as a World Roof Garden, Government Complex Sejong will become a new global tourism spot.

The Roof Garden tour must be booked at the Government Office Bureau, and it is open from March to June and from September to December at 10:00am and 2:00pm, opening twice a day.


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