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[Winner] Daejeon Science Complex

Competition Mar. 17. 2015


The goal of this competition project is to motivate science-based clusters, plan a landmark that symbolizes Daejeon, and create leisure culture for local residents for secure public activities. For this, it composes a rooftop park that people can easily experience, plans a landmark tower comprised of complex culture contents, and provides various environments for citizens through an eco-friendly waterfront space. Also various public contribution facilities are considered which are connected from a rooftop park to a waterfront F&B, bridge, and stream for the relationship with the surroundings. Furthermore, it plans to make a place that people want to come from all over the world by planning tourism attractions through international residence type facilities such as the medical tourism accommodation.

Use: Culture & Assembly Facilities, Retail, Office, Accommodation 

Location: Daejeon, Korea
Site Area: 47,448㎡
Total Area: 290,642㎡
Scale: B4, 43F

Design: 2014​


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