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[Prize] 2016 BIM Awards for ‘National Aviation Museum’

Awards Oct. 14. 2016

‘National Aviation Museum’ has been awarded the First Prize in the architecture sector for the 2016 BIM Awards which is the nation’s largest competition that is co-hosted by Building SMART Korea and KICT and sponsored by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Building SMART Korea discovers and awards organizations and individuals who contributed to the activation of BIM. It raises advancement and competitiveness of the construction industry and implements BIM AWARDS to encourage the correct use and diffusion of BIM technology.

The commentary stated that “HAEAHN Architecture technologically realized high-level design ideas through active utilization of BIM in which it received favorable evaluations for several outstanding achievements in this project. First, the design was processed, taking construction into consideration, by using BIM from the Concept Design Phase. Second, HAEAHN optimized BIM based design process into its own style and managed the collaboration between design processes by using BIM. Third, it also actively utilized parameters of model to control dimensions and area variations and actively utilized KBIM Collaboration, which is a research product of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, into an actual project.”

The Award Ceremony was held during Build SMART Global Conference 2016 on September 30th, 2016 and the award-winning work has also been exhibited in the conference.


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