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[Prize] Haeahn Architecture, Awarded for the President's Certificate of Top Enterprise Awards for Job Creation

Awards Oct. 27. 2016

Sehan Yoon, the CEO of Haeahn Architecture, was awarded the President’s Certificate from President Park Geun-hye on March 17th for contributing to job creation and support at the ‘2015 Top 100 Enterprise for Job Creation Awards Ceremony’ held at the Blue House.

As a result of Haeahn Architecture’s continuous effort to increase employment scale, fulfill work family balance policy, etc., the total number of employees increased by 15% from 516 employees in 2014 to 595 employees in 2015. There are currently a total of 670 employees, an annual average increase of 12% from the last 10 years, which is the highest outcome of increase among other architectural design firms.

2016. 3. 17


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