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[Winner] Yeosu Ungchun Hanwha Residence Complex

Competition Mar. 09. 2016

This project is a commercial tour and resting site created in the Yeosu National Industrial Complex, which is well known for its location of being surrounded by Yeosu coastal waters, Marina, Ungcheon Park, and Gubongsan Mountain. Under these conditions, it is planned to secure maximum floor area ratio and to provide all units the view of nature. Residential officetels and terrace houses are taken into account to meet the consumers’ demands and a specialized waterside street landscape is created by applying street shopping districts and exterior areas with various themes. Through this, the project aimed to create a resort type residential district that goes together with the sea and the mountains while satisfying residential values, business values, and symbolism.

Use: Apartment, Officetel, Commercial

Location: Jeonnam, Korea
Site Area: 2BL)12,109㎡, 3BL)46,055㎡
Total Area: 2BL)12,109㎡, 3BL)46,055㎡
Scale: B2, 29F​

Design: 2015


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