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[Winner] Happy City 4-1 Community P1 District Apartment

Competition Mar. 09. 2016

The concept of this public competition is ‘NEW:RUN’, a new form of knowledge complex, which Neuron, a nerve cell that forms knowledge through connection considering it is a knowledge research complex, is taken as a motive to form a new knowledge complex of creative thinking and resting. In order to fulfill this, first, a new open eco-friendly landscape complex, ‘ECO NEW:RUN’ on the direction of mountains and rivers , second, a new colorful complex ‘CREATIVE NEW:RUN’ of creative inspiration, and third, a community arrangement ‘COMFORT NEW:RUN’ that forms a comfortable street system, are suggested. The new attempts of various specializations such as M1 block’s 40m width vertical axis and eco design tower, terrace housing and creative center plan of L2 block, give inspiration to us.

Use: Apartment, Retail

Location: Sejong, Korea
Site Area: M1)81,719㎡, L2)38,582㎡
Total Area: M1)213,740.53㎡, L2)86,948.95㎡
Scale: B2, 30F​

Design: 2015


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