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[Winner] Yeouido Gwangjang Residential Renewal Project

Competition Apr. 25. 2023

The new luxury residential zone “The Grand Archi” in Yeouido, Seoul is a residential development project that renews the existing Gwangjang Apartment. Located near Yeouido Subway Station and Saetgang Stream, the new apartment complex boasts one of the city’s best residential environments. The complex features high-rise business facilities in the north and east, and Saetgang Ecological Park in the south and west. To secure great views of such an ideal site design, Haeahn Architecture allocated the main building which is widely open toward Saetgang Stream and non-residential facilities as officetels and arcades connected to Yeouido Subway Station and high-rise business facilities, activating the area. The separation of residential and non-residential zones can secure the privacy of residents while securing independent approaches from each area. A sense of unity from the exterior design in the arch shape and the Sky Community illuminating at the top 58th floor is expected to make The Grand Archi Complex a new landmark in Yeouido.

Location: 28, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Use: Apartment,Office, Retail

Site Area: 35,924.90

Total Area: 295,016.49

Scale: 58F / B4

Project Team: Hyungshik Lim, Minseok Kim, Taehyon Park, Gibyung Chae, Deukhwa Jung, Myeongjin Byun, Sungwoo Hyun, Juyoung Jang, Jieun Park, Hyewon Kim, Changdae Park, Yeji Kim, Sangwon Lee, Jaeok Cheong, Moonyoung Song, Yongho Shin, JaeKyoung Hwang, Soohyun Lee, Yumi Choi


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