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[Participated] Incheon National Maritime Museum Design Competition

Competition Mar. 30. 2020

The aim of National Incheon Maritime Museum is that make a global model of the World Maritime Museum that combines marine, culture, education and experience functions in Wol-mi Island as a first National Maritime Museum in the metropolitan. Main atrium integrates each functions with entrance square and it is possible to make three-dimensional exhibition planning by various floor height. In particular, a dynamic vortex mass is a motif of the 'wave around island', which is the origin of Wol-mi Island will be a landmark that lead to be a marine culture cluster in connection with various marine resources.

Use : Culture & Exhibition Facility

Location : Incheon, Korea

Site Area : 27,335
Total Area : 16,938

​Scale : 4F
Design : 2019
Project Team : Hyeonseok Oh, Nam il Byun, Yonggi Kim, Minkang Shin, Bongju Moon, Wonjun Kim, Dohong Kim, Hojun Park, Junwoo Lee, Ohtak Kwon, Kyungyeol Kim, Mikyoung Seo, Hyejin Cho, Woohyun Ko


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