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[Winner] Godeok-Gangil Public Housing District 3BL Housing Complex

Competition Jan. 22. 2020

Completed with the final puzzle of Godeok-gangil District 2, the 3Block complex is based on an inspiring that cherishes the memories of the past and makes a landscape where resident lives in community. Together with the communication of urban context that unfolds the stories of the six complexes, the sympathy of the masterplan that specializes in ‘Honeymoon Dream Town’, and an affection of the cluster garden that expresses colorful life styles, the project is finding the meaning of living together. The flow of natural green from the Han River and parks stimulates neighborhood community with three open facilities and pedestrian dominant streetscape.

Use : Residential, Neighborhood living facilities

Location : Seoul , Korea 

Site Area : 51,845.00㎡

​Total Area : 166,762.55㎡

​Scale : 28F, B2

Design : 2019

Project Team : Namil Byun, Kilsue Park, Yohan Bahc, Hyungi Jung, Jeongmoo Lee, Taewang Kwon, Hyunji Kim, Kyungyeol Kim, Hyungjo Park, Seoyun Jea, Gyeongseo Jo, Younghyun Heo, Kwangjin Kim, Dongju Lee, Jinhwan Chun, Woohyun Ko, Jinkyung Kang, Sujin Yeo, Yeongpil Bak, Dohyun Kang, Naeun Kim, Yongwon Kim


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