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[Participated] Jeonnam Regional Rehabilitation Hospital Design Competition

Competition Jan. 22. 2020

Rehabilitation hospital patients go through an average hospitalization period of hundred days or more to recover from disabilities. Patients are psychologically sensitive due to disabilities and a long-term hospitalization and need more careful care and treatment for emotional stability. Therefore, residential environment of rehabilitation hospitals is one of the most important values for patients. The site is a five-minute walk from Gukdong Port in Yeosu City and has a wonderful sea view. Such location allows patients of all the wards to communicate with nature and have a sea view through a terrace specialized design. Also a view specialized terrace is linked to a courtyard and rooftop gardens of each floor, providing patients a resort-like residential and treatment space beyond a simple rehabilitation hospital.

Use : Rehabilitation Hospital

Location : Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea 

Site Area : 10,570㎡

​Total Area : 14,042.40㎡

​Scale : 5F, B1

Design : 2019

Collaborator : UTOP Engineering & Architecture

Project Team : Hyungshik Lim, Seunggeun Jee, Jinkwan Yoon, Ikhyun Kwon, Hyuna Kim, Changhwa Hong, Zeeyeon Han, Yerin Ha, Juhyeon Oh, Minsu Chung, Suhhyun Choi, Sangjin Kwon, Woohyun Ko, Yunha Hwang, Yongwon Kim


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