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Segeun Ko

Segeun KoPrincipal/Strategic Planning Div.

After 34 years of experience at the Seoul Metropolitan Government since in 1979, Segeun Ko entered Haeahn Architecture in January of 2014 based on his various experiences in maintenance projects. He was responsible for Urban Planning such as District Unit Planning and Urban Development, Housing Maintenance, and Urban Environment Maintenance Projects and also set up Seoul’s District Unit Plan Guideline. Currently he is active as a specialist for Urban Regeneration Maintenance Projects based on his various experiences and good knowledge about district designation of the urban development projects, development planning and construction documents approval work of Eunpyeong New Town, Munjeong District, Gangil District, etc. and district designation and organizing planning of reorganization districts of Jangwi, Gireum, Imun, Hwigyeong, Dapsimni, Ahyeon, Wangsimni, etc.


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