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Jewon Lee

Jewon LeePresident/CCO

Jewon Lee has built various careers in the public sector with the belief that the urban space has a great impact on the quality of life of modern people. He started public service in Seoul and participated more than 30 years in the establishment of public policies and implementation of projects to create better urban space to live in. He was deeply involved in the development process for the construction of transportation infrastructure and the future utilization of the Han River. In particular, it he led the new development methods to derive synergy through public and private cooperation in the planning and implementation of development of new cities such as Magok and regeneration project. He graduated from Yonsei University majoring in Civil Engineering. After studying Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning in the universities of the US and Korea, he obtained Ph.D degree in Urban Planning. He instructed at University of Seoul and is in charge of the Urban Design Division in Haeahn Architecture.


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